8 Sentence Sunday – 11.03.2013

Hello my dear lovelies!

I know, I know – it’s been a very long time since I did one of these! I apologize! My life has been in upheaval for a while now. Things are a little more tame now, so I hope to continue these posts, and with that in mind, and the challenge of Nanowrimo hanging over my head, I am attempting to post 8 sentences of my WIP, Cherry Valley, onto the blog every Sunday for your enjoyment!

As before, this is hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors, and you can participate by posting 8 lines from your story, be it complete or work-in-progress, onto your blog, FB, whatever – and then link back to the site!

First, a bit about the story: Our heroine, Natalie, is a big city lawyer from a small town she hasn’t returned to since she left for university after graduating highschool. To this end, the only people she has kept in contact with are her best friends, Chrissy and Donna, and the ocassional visit from her vain mother. Circumstances in the city have made it impossible for Natalie to stay there when our story opens, and so she returns to her home town of Cherry Valley in an attempt to sort out her life and to fulfoill a promise to Chrissy who is hiding something and need Donna and Natalie to help her. Going home is never easy, particularly for someone who has made a point to turn her back on home, and Natalie is assaulted with memories of her other best friend, Lily, who disappeared when they were all 16. Delving deep into circumstances of that summer, Natalie begins to receive threats taped to her windshield, leading her straight into the over protective arms of Cole, her sort of one time fling from a decade ago and Chrissy’s older brother. Going home is never easy – but with threats and old loves and a prickly home life – is is deadly, too?

This snippet is from the beginning – Natalie has decided to leave her job, her home and everything’s she worked so hard for and go back to her childhood home. And because she has worked so hard to accomplish all this, she’s pretty upset over it. Here are my 8 – hope you enjoy!:

So last time I left you with the sound of a gunshot and the worried voices of wolves who were missing a few of their own. We pick up just as the height of their worry begins to overcome them and they find out what just happened in the field.  Enjoy!

                Natalie Beauchamp was ruined.

                As she loaded the last of her overstuffed suitcases into her cherry red SC 430, she felt the frustration bubble up inside of her. Over the last ten years, she’d gone from small town girl to big city lawyer, and yet one afternoon – one humiliating event in the middle of her office – and she knew she could never pick up her life from where she wanted to. Slamming the trunk down she took a moment to glance back at her tall skinny townhome, pushing away the panic of leaving it to whatever new tenants her landlord would find. She had nurtured that house for years – she shuddered to think of the ingrates who would inherit all her hard work.  

                She’d come a long way from that small town.

                She had never looked back.

                And now she was going to return.

Check out this week’s post for more!




3 thoughts on “8 Sentence Sunday – 11.03.2013

  1. Awesome snippet! I love the set up of this story and you just nailed the entry of the character Natalie. I already am dying to know what happens next and how she’s going to handle going back to her home town. 🙂

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