10 Posts to Hallowe’en: Post 7, Perfect Fright Night Movie Picks

I am celebrating as much as I can for Hallowe’en – and that means here on the blog too! So I present to you, my lovelies, the 10 Posts to Hallowe’en !

Each post will highlight a particular part of the Hallowe’en season I enjoy immensely and wish to share with everyone.

Please feel free to participate by commenting below!

Movies are great, don’t you think? Whenever I think of a great night with friends – popcorn, chocolates and tea – it always involves movies. When I had roommates we would have themed nights – romances, old movies, historicals, whodunnits and horror movies. We would just pick a theme, go to Blockbuster (and yes, I know that ages me) and rack up a bunch of movies to devour that night. My favourites were horror nights (of course they were) – though it was always interesting to see what kind of “horror” people picked out. 

Last year, when I worked really late, came home without much energy on Halloween night to a Boyfriend who had made pizza and filled a bowl with candy (and then invited one of his friends over, sigh, only I read into these things) we decided on horror movie night instead of going out. My boyfriend, however, is not a great fan of Horror, so we watched The Addams Family – a striking compromise. This year, we’re going to try the same – only this time, I am thinking, maybe get a few from the list below …


So without further ado – some of my favourite horror movies for Halloween night:

Let’s start with some kiddy movies, shall we?

I discovered this years ago – and was in love. The series went on to Halloweentown High and beyond, but the first three movies were the only ones I actually watched and loved. It brings me back to my childhood – a threesome of siblings discover they’re actually magicak beings from a special town where magic is the norm! Count me in!

I just discovered this – it was brilliant. All aout a boy who can see ghosts – a problem that everyone ribs him for, including his family. He is befriended by a tough, adorable classmate and teams up with their older siblings and the school bully, to confront the effects of an old witch’s curse that makes the dead rise from the grave. Really sweet and funny! Highly recommend.

A classic! I usually watch this at Christmas time, but I thought I would include it since … well, it’s an excuse to watch it again! I do so love Jack and Sally and all the residents of Halloween town. And the music. It’s just such a brilliant production – and if you haven’t seen it, there is no excuse! Go watch it!

And now for some more adult themed movies:

A heartwarming classic based on the Alice Hoffman book abut a family of cursed witches who try to get by in their lives while trying to fit into the modern world. I flip flop on whether I like the movie or the book better, and so I keep them separate. The movie is sweet and slightly dark, but heartwarming and perfect for a night in.

And who can forget Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow? Such an artistic rendering, with beautiful visuals – from the dusty skins f the actors, to the almost claymation crooked set, and especially the gorgeous costumes – it has always been one of my favourite horror movies!

One of my favourite movies as a kid, but probably supposed to be geared towards older audiences, Beetlejuice is one of those movies that always delights – it’s just so odd, so fantastical – no matter what you have to love it. It may be a little gross, or weird, or even slightly macabre, but it is great for what it is.

Some movies that really could make you jump at shadows:

I watched this when it first came out. I was in highschool – and it was brilliant! Werewolves and teenage girls – the lines of parallels were tight, and the way that the movie went from allegory to horror fest so seamlessly made it so good that when the two sequels came out I snapped (ha ha) them up so fast!

A classic! I like the remake too, but there is nothing like an original horror movie with all it’s kill-all-teenagers-that-have-sex motifs and the lone female survivor that screams and hacks her way to her own survival. It’s the music, I think, that always makes me come back to this. It truly is a fun watch, and the 80s were such a fantastic time for slasher flicks!

Newest to this list, and not exactly a Halloween movie – but I was so impressed by how this movie twisted the original into its own new creation that I had to add this here. It’s funny, it’s kind of gorey, but the TandA is limited and the acting is pretty good – so are the twists. For fans of the original – pick this up!

Probably my favourite new addition in recent years – this is a collection of a few short movies that all connect to form one long, crazy Halloween night. The cast is brilliant, the stories are excellent – and they are creeptastic! Really, probably one of the ones I watch no matter what on Halloween – you really should check it out!

And of course, the most badass Halloween movie of all time that deserves its own category:

You know this one had to be added – it’s Bette Midler as the best witch ever, with a talking cat, zombies that rose from the dead before it was cool – and the most evocative 90s themes ever!

What will be on your DVD player come Halloween?




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