10 Posts to Hallowe’en: Post 4, Best Halloween Costumes

I am celebrating as much as I can for Hallowe’en – and that means here on the blog too! So I present to you, my lovelies, the 10 Posts to Hallowe’en !

Each post will highlight a particular part of the Hallowe’en season I enjoy immensely and wish to share with everyone.

Please feel free to participate by commenting below!

10 Best Halloween Costumes

Dressing ip is probably the best aspect of Halloween – well dressing up while munching on candy and watching a horror movie. You gotta have priorities, after all. When I was a kid, it was all about the sparkles and feathers of dressing up – getting to paint my face with cool colours and parts of my Mom’s makeup stash, and wear wigs and then more sparkles. Of course, as the years went on the costumes of fancy became less creative and more … sexy.

For reals ...

For reals …

Can I get a “Ugh yeah!” for that? Why is it that all the costumes for girls and women are sexified? Who the heck even came up with things like a Sexy Bert and Ernie? Or sexy condiments? Costumes are supposed to be more of an expression of your inner nightmares and desires, not so much a tool to be a generic sexified crayon. Or at leats, for me, a costume requires more thought then just slapping on a mini skirt and calling it a different day than any other day … 

So in light of all that crazy let’s-make-female-costumes-as-objectiifying-as-possible – I am counting down some great ideas for costumes that don’t require a safe search on FB…

(10) Grayscale, or black-and-white film stars

        Who wouldn’t want to be a silent film star in the colour of your friends? Put on a pair of low-heeled flapper shoes and a fringe dress and you’re well on your way! Don’t forget the pearls!

(9) The Corpse Bride

Because the movie is sweet, Emily is awesome and what a gorgeous costume is this!?

(8) Demon Eyed White Haired Ghouly

      Because just once, you really want to scare the crap out of your neighbours.

(7) Birds

Because I have a great love for everything Hitchcock. And you should too.

(6) Rosie the Riveter

Because yeah. You knew there would be more of this to come 🙂

(5)  Two-Face

   Because, really, who hasn’t felt a little bit like this on a Monday morning?

(4) Comic Girl

Another reason we love Halloween: Making makeup even more fun! Seriously. Who doesn’t want to paint their faces like this?

(3) Female Han Solo or Female Data – depending on which Sci Fi genre you follow …

I’m a Han Solo girl myself, but live and let live, I say.












(2) Steampunk Heroine

Because what’s the most fun you can have with your time between conventions? Oh yeah, you know it.

and my favourite for this year:

(1) Sugar Skull

Yeah, Wow.

For me, this year is all about the artistry and the colours of the sugar skulls so popular in Mexico. I can’t get over the beauty of the designs, so that’s what I am up to this year. What kind of costume do you plan on wearing this year?




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