My Weekend.

This weekend began with a trip to the night market, for some gluten free chocolate pretzel cookies and sushi …

Ah, lights.

Ah, lights.

And then some yummy banana-pecan muffins, sweetened with maple syrup instead of sugar. So yummy …

2013-10-10 15.38.23

And perfect with a cup of tea … or two.

2013-10-10 16.16.35

And when the baking was done, it was followed by errands the next day, which scored me some great Thanksgiving decor items …

2013-10-13 20.36.33

Flowers and pumpkins and glitters – oh my!

2013-10-13 20.36.46

And some yummy treats …

2013-10-13 20.37.22Before waking up before dawn …

IMG_6612To go race tracking!


At the fastest Race Track of the West (allegedly – we’re still comparing …)


The Boy is honestly a genius at this car driving stuff.

IMG_6639And this was my favourite add-on to a car:

IMG_6634And then we had pecan encrusted french toast, wih turkey bacon and hashbrowns (and fruit!) for breakfast on Thanksgiving day …

2013-10-14 09.36.47

2013-10-14 09.43.08Followed by a Thanksgiving lunch at an Indian place with good friends (Mmm Basmati rice …) and a turkey waiting for us at home …

My first crock-pot/broiler turkey!

My first crock-pot/broiler turkey!

How was your weekend?




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