Quiche Lorraine …

I think anyone who knows me, knows what an Anglophile I am.

I love the BBC dramas I catch (when they finally cross the pond) and the culture and the accents – and especially, these days, the rising tide of chefs, bakers, crafters and the like that is sweeping the Isle like a wonderful, sweet smelling carpet.


Especially the food shows and the cookbooks that keep coming out. I just found Rachel Khoo by catching a snippet of her Little Paris Kitchen show on Youtube and instantly began being entirely too optimistic about the size of my own kitchen. The girl is genius, though – lemon madelienes with raspberry? Yum! Croque Msr in a muffin tin? Yes please! Everything well explained and super simple with an Anglo-French twist that I adore.

But before Rachel, there was, for me, Lorraine.

Lorraine Pascale is the darling of simple eats on the BBC for me. She is personable, she is always grinning and she is a genius at not only making simple yummy food – but also at makings simple yummy food look so dang good! Seriously.

And so, I follow her blog and look out for any mention of her on the tubes – her newest book, A Lighter Way to Bake is coming out soon and you better believe I am going to snap it up the second it does.

Want. Cake. Now.

A while back, I saw that she had written in the Mail Online, a British newspaper, about her quiche lorraine with creme fraiche. So I copied down the recipe and decided to try it myself. Then life got busy and our AC was busted so I didn’t want to use my oven … the long and short of it is that it’s taken me a good year or so to get around to making it! But I felt inspired this past week, and I had just made some creme fraiche for something else, so I thought to myself, Self – time for some Quiche!

Here’s the recipe that’s in the Mail Online. As I didn’t change anything this time around, I will just direct you to the actual recipe – next time, when I add my tweaks and experimenting, I will definitely repost the recipe for you!

This is how mine turned out:



Oh so yummy! Definitely going to devour this tomorrow – cold and with an arugula salad (or rockets, as the Brits say)!




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