Art for the Blank, Blank Walls

Hello lovelies!

Today I want to talk about something that is very important to me – even though it seems like a simple sort of subject: Art for the walls.

I hate blank walls.

They remind me new houses – they’re devoid of personality, they mean nothing. Paint only does so much – and paint I do. For our place, the first thing we did was paint our kitchen yellow. Sunny Yellow, according to the paint can.

But it’s not enough for us.

We like personality, we like … art.

from an illustrator based in Stratford ON

So for our staircase, we started (a as-of-yet unfinished) Gallery wall. The rules were simple: Black frames of various sizes and shapes, and black& white or sepia photos or pieces of art.


We liked this concept so much, that we decided to do another gallery wall, this time in our ground floor staircase: the rules this time were white frames and coloured art and photos. Though we’ve picked out the art and photos, we have yet to hang any of them …

On our hallway, something we haven’t gotten around to painting yet, we hung one of the Boy’s Mom’s art pieces. I like the red of it – it matches our red couch!

And for the kitchen, I have collected recipes from my mother and grandmothers and will frame them in colourful frames to hang above where I get creative. My grandmother’s recipes are old Portuguese favourites – one is that Pao de Lo recipe I published, and the other is a Nata-based icecream that my Mom’s Mom always makes for my birthday. My Mother’s family-wide famous chocolate mousse will be the other (when my Mom remembers to get that to me …)

So what’s left is our living/dining room and our bedroom.

I have been toying around with a few ideas, composition and independant artists on deviantart and such, and here is what I have come up with so far:

I love Abigail Larson’s work on Deviant Art. Especially the Alice in Wonderland series.

Great Bioshock and other nerdy things by Dr. Faustus

Old Movie Posters. Be them sci fi …

.. or Marilyn.

Contemporary and evocative pieces by the likes of Paula Rego

Or even prints from famous canvasses by those like Picasso.

Now all I need to do is … decide.

What do you have hanging on your walls?





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