Why Fall Truly is The Bestest

“What’s your favourite season?” I ask the Boy.

He shrugs. “Seasons where it doesn’t snow.”

I frown at him, disgruntled by the dismissal. “I like Fall.” I declare.

He nods, eyes still scouring the paper.

I poke him. “Do you know why I like Fall?”

He looks up at him, green eyes. “Why do you like Fall?”

Well, my dearies – I like Fall for many, many, MANY, reasons …

The Smell

It’s hard to describe the smell of fall – it’s not like spring with all the flowers, or summer with that hot cement smell or winter with the smell of snow (yes there is totally a smell of snow). It’s more like … a crispness. Yep – like fresh rain and earth on leaves that are red gold and the mornings are cool enough to make it smell fresh and sweet.

It’s the smell of new back packs for school, and apple pie in warm kitchens where you throw off your autumn jacket and your red cheeks feel clammy as they come into contact with the heat of the house.

It’s the smell of cool evenings, a dampness that settles on the roofs and the trees, a heaviness that makes breathing the air easy and crisp.

The smell of candles flickering in jack-o-lanterns and candy sitting in bowls waiting to be open.

It is a many wonderous smell.

My one and only Leaf

The Colours.

Who can argue with this? The colours of Fall are the best – they have the power to infiltrate the greens of plants and transform them into rich golds and mauves, oranges and yellows that are deep and bright, seeming to set the hills on fire with colour.

And it’s not just the leaves.

Squashes ripen during this time – those bright yellows and deep greens, marred with spotted oranges and striking evergreens.

Pumpkins start poking up in fields – poignant orange balls, sometimes weirdly shaped – some big some little, that line up into rows with winding vines that circle around them.

The colours of fall are masterful pieces of art.

2012-10-19 22.41.35

The Holidays.

My favourite holiday is Halloween.

Strictly speaking, I suppose it’s not a holiday per se – I don’t get it off work or anything, but it’s a celebratory holiday for me nonetheless.

It’s a time for dressing up as someone or something different, and carving out scary smiles on the faces of pumpkins.

It’s a time for stacking up scary stories and whispering them in a room lit only by candleight.

And watching all those classic movies at night – Hocus Pocus, Dracula.

And before the dressing up and knocking on doors and carving, there’s Canadian Thanksgiving.

There’s raking leaves and making pies, cookign turkeys in the overcrowded oven and mashing potatoes with butter and garlic.

It’s a food fest and a family feast where everyone connects over wild rice and sweet potatoes, cranberry dressing and mulled cider.

It’s a warmth just as it’s getting cold.


Who doesn’t like a great sweater?

After a summer of stifling heat and humidity, the chill in the air is welcoming, and so are the multitude of sweaters you take out of storage to wear with style.

All the fuzzy sweaters with their strange patterns, the ones you match with dark jeans and jockey boots.

Longer sleeves to tuck cold fingers into when running around corn mazes or pumpkin patches, or when you order that Pumpkin Spice Latte on campus.

Long Live the sweater!

All in all, Fall is the best time of year: It’s about newness like the start of school; the chill in the air that requires dressing up; the fantasy and mystery of Halloween; the connections of Thanksgiving; and, the colours that inspire.

What’s your favourite season?




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