The 30-Day Self Portrait Challenge

I am an avid reader over at A Beautiful Mess. Elsie and Emma and their squad of super savvy, camera-ready women are awe-inspiring. I love the recipes – from food to cocktails – and the DIY projects and especially the hair tutorials! And whenever they have their tips and tricks for photography, I pay attention (and try to work on my own skills).

So when they posted about a 30 day, 30 picture self portrait challenge – I was instantly on board.

Then I waffled.

Does anyone want or need to see 30 separate pictures of me? Like, really?

But then I had an “Aha!” moment – this is the whole point of the challenge – to become comfortable with yourself, to become comfortable with your skills and to express your artistic abilities through a medium like intagram. I know, it sounds a little trite, right? But honestly, for someone like me (and I am not so self centered I don’t think a lot of you are like me) who has always been hyper-critical of her face, this is a good workshop. An exercise in acceptance and maybe it can even get me to smile at myself a time or two.

I started last Monday, and to catch you up, here are my first 10 self portraits:

Day One:

Day 1Day Two:

Day 2Day Three:

Day 3Day Four:

Day 4Day Five:

Short hair!

Short hair!

Day Six:

Day 6

Day Seven:



Day Eight:

Day 8

Day Nine:

Day 9

Day Ten: (Today!!)

Day 10

So what do you think? Anyone want to join me?




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