On Meal Planning: My Journal

I posted about one aspect of my meal planning a while ago. The salad jars. A lot of people were interested in the idea of meal planning and the feasibility of things like salad jars. So, I have decided to expand more on the meal planning I do – I am not a religious meal planner – our life is too in flux these days to do much of that – but I try as much as possible so that we can save money, reduce waste and eat healthy.

2013-05-15 19.13.47So this episode of the meal planning fundom is all about the journal I use to meal plan.

I got the idea from Back to Her Roots – a blog about a young woman who prints out weekly calendars and fills them out with her meal planning, exercise, etc. I thought that was brilliant, so I took it in a way I could handle: I grabbed one of the many blank journals I had lying around and changed it into my Meal Planning Journal.

Basically, I have drawn up a calendar, a week at a time from Sunday to Saturday, and I fill in all the activities and events that we have, separately or jointly, that affect any meals. For example, if I have a a job that will take me through dinner on a specific day, I will pencil that in and make provisions so that the Boy will be able to eat (I am teaching him how to cook, I swear …, it’s just long-going). Or if he has a track meet all Sunday, I will make a note of that and gleefully pencil in a salmon meal that I can only cook when he’s not within complaining distance.

Meal Planning Notebook

So, how has this worked out for me?

Pretty well actually.

As long as family doesn’t capsize my plans by having dinner parties, I can plan it so that I make a chicken in the slow cooker on Sunday night, then use the leftovers of that full chicken for tacos, soup, and lunch time sandwiches. Means less waste and less cooking time for me – both of which make me happy.

The other benefit of this is getting to try out loads of new recipes I have collected over time – honeyed figs over goat cheese for dessert one night? And then use that leftover goat cheese the next day to make fried medallions for salad! And so forth. I actually probably like this aspect of it the best!

So, I would say that I highly recommend this – just tune it to your own life, make sure it’s something you can handle and something you want to do – and I guarantee it will make your life a helluva lot easier.

Until next time – let me know what you want to hear about next!




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