UPick: Blueberries

Every summer since I was small, my parents would take us up to Prince Edward County. Essentially, it is an island in Lake Ontario that boasts a micro-climate made for fruits and grapes and veggies, and a smattering of Loyalist towns with all the charm associated therein.

Eventually, when I was around 6, my parents bought a little shack on the water, on the north side of the island, looking out over the Bay of Quinte and the Tyendinaga Reservation. A one-bedroom, one-(tiny!)bathroom shack nestled at the bottom of a rolling hill, made entirely out of redwood.

So every summer, from May to the end of October, we would spend our weekends in the County.

And we still try to.

This past weekend, we did what has become a summer tradition: we picked blueberries.

Check out that website! The County goes modern!

Check out that website! The County goes modern!

Because of the aforementioned micro-climate, it is absurdly good to grow fruits, veggies and other yummies on the island. And because of this, there are plenty of pints of berries every summer that are proud to be locally grown. But, if you have a free morning and are in Waupoos (South East of the biggest town in the County, Picton) I would recommend going to pick your own.

You travel down the country road until you see this sign:

L'ete 2013 265

Then you park, get out of the car and ask for a basket from the nice boy at the wagon.

L'ete 2013 300

Then you go out into the rows of blueberries and try for some big, fat, nearly purple ones.

L'ete 2013 286

The netting is to prevent birds from getting in to eat all the berries. There is always at least one traumatized bird who gets stuck in it though, and needs to be let out.

L'ete 2013 305

I went with my Mom, my middle sister and her annoyed boyfriend.

We picked two basketfuls.

L'ete 2013 293

Then we went to Bloomfield for some Slickers icecream, which I highly reccomend!

2013-07-21 12.26.03

Mmmm, peanut butter honey …

2013-07-21 12.25.54

And what do you do with all your hand-picked local blueberries?

Pancakes. Pancakes is always the answer!





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