8 Sentence Sunday – 06.30.2013

Hey All!

I have decided to participate in 8 Sentence Sundays over at the Weekend Writing Warriors!

What you do to participate is take 8 lines from your story, be it complete or work-in-progress, and post them on your blog, FB, whatever – and then link back to the site!

I know I have been absent for a month (!) but for some reason WordPress kept deleting my posts. Everything seems fine again, so hopefully there won’t be any more crazy post gaps anymore …

Last month I gave you eight lines from one of my finished novels, The Fangs Between her Teeth, about a group of werewolf friends in their late teens who are on the cusp of a dangerous war that will threaten to tear their world apart … but they don’t know that yet. They’re still dealing with the misconceptions of being The Other.

If you will recall, the previous excerpt started with a fully transformed Luna, springing into a run, followed closely by her friends. I really loved reading all the comments about the connections between the animal forces and poetry, and I want to thank everyone who read! Now,  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as the characters enjoyed running about. Enjoy!

Rounding the bend, she took the commonly used short cut through a farmer’s sheep field, jumping the wooden, broken down fence and immediately finding herself immersed in an open field of quietyly grazing sheep.  Yelping in panic, Luna got control of her limbs to avoid crashing into a rather large sheep and weaved her way through towards Vivia and Katia who were running on the outskirts. The sheep panicked, waddling around her in a large arc, spurring the rest of the flock into action so that she was soon twisting away from fleeing sheep too panicked to realize they were headed in the wrong direction.

In the back of her mind she heard a human voice shouting and she had a moment of fear before pushing it back into the depths of her mind and allowing Fox to overtake her in the race as he zeroed in on Vivia. Jackal was close to Rusty, just behind them and Wolf was right at her tail. Luna sprang from her hind legs and put distance between herself and Wolf. He growled at her, and tried to catch up.

There was safety in numbers, she thought to herself.

Check out this week’s post for more!




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