Meal Prep Bandwagon: Salad Jars

By now, I am sure anyone who follows blogs or is on Pinterest has seen or heard of or glimpsed salad jars. Even Chateleine ran an article on them. They’re a fun, quirky way to get your salad in. And for us who are too lazy during the week to actually prepare a yummy salad – they’re golden for that too.

The idea is that If you have a nearly ready salad on hand, you won’t indulge in other, rather unhealthier options, but will reach for the salad instead. Also, they’re pretty. And the hipsters love pretty …

I first saw them when I was browsing a couple of blogs on nutrition and meal-prepper testimonials and fell in love with the design of them – the glass jars let you see through to the different colourful layers of various food items – bright red peppers, tri0colour quinoa, green lettuce at the top, yellow chickpeas and an orange mandarin slices …

So, I had decided I would try it as soon as I could. I grabbed a couple of cleaned out mason jars from my storage cabinet and gave it a whirl, following these rules as much as possible:

Basically: wet stuff at the bottom, hardy stuff on top of that to act as a barrier from the wet stuff and the lettuce, leafy like things, so they don’t get soggy and weird smelling and awful. Simple enough, right?

So, I started off my first “weekly meal prep” by figuring out how many salads I would eat for the week. I decided on six – one for every dinner at home, plus some smaller ones for lunches. I used different dressings – carrot-ginger being the winner by far (Can’t help it, it reminds me of going for sushi). Because of all the wonderful qualities of Quinoa, I used it in all my salads, as well as arugula or rockets, and broccoli slaw.

Finally, because I wanted it to be even more pretty – I painted some chalkboard labels on some of my jars, and filled in what was in the jar with a chalk marker. They’re so pretty now! AND practical … and yummy. And it’s proven true so far – because they are ready to go, sitting around in my fridge, I will grab one more often then anything else. It’s easy, why not, right?

2013-05-15 19.13.47

So I will leave you with my current obsession of Salad Jar: My Asian-Inspired Carrot Ginger jar salad with peanut satay quinoa and rockets!

Salad Jar

1/2 Cup Quinoa, cooked and cooled

1-2 tsp Peanut Satay sauce, water to thin

Carrot-Ginger Dressing

10 0r s0 Mandarin slices

1/4 Cup broccoli slaw

a couple of leaves chopped red cabbage

a handful of raw peas

And the rest is green leafy stuff

(1) Cook the Quinoa as per instructions, then toss with the peanut satay sauce and some water, and let cool.

(2) Layer the ingredients as such in your jar: First goes a couple of tablespoons of the carrot-ginger dressing and the mandarin slices – they will soak up the dressing and marinate a little, which is divine! On top of that goes the quinoa, peas and the slaw. Then the cabbage and then as much green leafiness as can fit so everything is packed tightly.

(3) Cap it, put it in the fridge and then take it out and enjoy whenever the mood strikes!

2013-05-15 19.13.36




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