8 Sentence Sunday – 05.19.2013

Hey All!

I have decided to participate in 8 Sentence Sundays over at the Weekend Writing Warriors!

What you do to participate is take 8 lines from your story, be it complete or work-in-progress, and post them on your blog, FB, whatever – and then link back to the site!

Last week I gave you eight lines from one of my finished novels, The Fangs Between her Teeth, about a group of werewolf friends in their late teens who are on the cusp of a dangerous war that will threaten to tear their world apart … but they don’t know that yet. They’re still dealing with the misconceptions of being The Other.

This excerpt opens up right after the previous one, and it just describes the change – no romance or tension here, just a good old fashioned transformation scene. Enjoy!

Turning to them, Vivia gave her most coquettish smile and winked. “Excellent! Kiddies – see you on the other side!”

And with that she Changed.

First, Vivia’s skin was replaced with fur and her bone structure altered, her golden fur sprung from her pores in a wave of growth that began everywhere at once, her bones fluidly making the change without much sound of awful contortion. She fell forward on all fours, uttering unintelligible words before her voice box changed and her throat became unable to speak. Her hair seemed to melt into itself and was soon absorbed into her furry skin, leaving her with golden patterns tattooed onto her body, the fur around her head creating a mane-like aura that refused to blend into the rest of her. Her face jutted out and her features widened and stretched, until her eyes were on either side of her skull, her nose stretching beyond her own limits, slanting upwards, creating space for her elongated canines and lolling pink tongue. Her ears grew and pricked up higher, the hooped silver earrings still in place over the rim of her ear, a strange sight on her Wolfen form.

Vivia growled and rolled her shoulders back, her tail sprouting from her lower back in a waterfall of golden hair, and as her bones all clicked together, she let out the howl that had been itching to be let out since the transformation had begun.

Check out this week’s post for more!

And for my Canadian peeps – Happy May 2-4 (Victoria Day)! 🙂




8 thoughts on “8 Sentence Sunday – 05.19.2013

  1. I am always spellbound by the way you can describe the change into a werewolf and make me actually feel it as though I was the one experiencing it!

    • Nope – no problem with silver, a little bit of a problem with moons, but not capable of solely transforming through the moon. It’s my own spin on the werewolf legend 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

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