Grandmother’s House: Where you never leave Empty Handed

I am pretty sure everyone’s grandma is like this. I have seen the Old South grandmamas with their floral dresses and straw hats mosey around kitchens making sure that their grandbabies’ bellies are stuffed full of peach cobbler and sweet tea; And I have seen those Jewish Bubbis who press packaged food goods into the hands of their granddaughters and tell them they’re too skinny.

Nothing beats the Portuguese grandmother.

Apple Spice Cake.

Apple Spice Cake.

We call her Avo (ah – vaw). This is my mother’s mother, in this case, though my father’s mother is just a guilty …

The problem with living so close to your whole family: you see them a lot. The problem with this is … well, your fridge gets stuffed with calorie-laden insanely yummy food goods.

And that is exactly what happened yesterday. I went over to my grandma’s to see how she and my grandfather were doing, and suddenly … this happened:

Grandma: Amanda, you want the cake?

Amanda: I am not hungry, Vo.

Grandma: Okay, you take home?

Amanda: That’s alright, I have a lot of food at home.

Grandma: What about your boyfriend? He needs food, yes?

Amanda: I am not planning on starving him …

Grandma: Okay, I wrap the cake for you.

Amanda: *quirks an eyebrow and shakes her head*

Evening Snack ...

Evening Snack …

Which is also why I ended up with a yummy slice of warm apple spice cake and a tea latte made from the Roasted Marshmallow tea from David’s Tea. So yum.

My fridge is still going to explode.

And I also got a bouquet of flowers from Grandma’s garden …

A beautiful bouquet!

A beautiful bouquet!

But right now, I think it might be worth it.

More mugs and cheers to you!



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