On Hot Summer Days at the Start of May…

This may be an unsubstantiated rumour, but Canada can be cold.

Real cold.

So cold, and for so long that the coming of spring is more than just sunshine and shorts – it’s a warmth on your skin that reminds you of everything that is beautiful about summer. It’s the way your muscles relax and you turn your face up to the sun and just bask in it. In the realization that spring has sprung …

And then, because it’s Canada, there’s a cold snap.

But now, May 1st 2013 – I think spring is actually here.

Thank the heavens and pull out the tiki candles with the citronella – because it’s mosquito season.

2013-05-01 18.04.45

Yay citrus and mango season!

I kid. Mostly.

The thing about spring is that there is a definite shift – in consciousness, in weather, in life – a shift towards happy, towards the colours and sunshine that makes the world bright. It’s something in the air.

And your creative juices flow, and social engagements take up Wednesday through Sunday, and patio season means the drinks you order with the colourful umbrellas can be had out on the sidewalk.

Of course, my creative juices point towards the dark and slightly macabre, my social engagements means dragging my Boyfriend out of the house on ocassion, and the sidewalk becomes my sanctuary.

Wonderful times!

All this to say: Happy Spring time readers!




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