Cop Shows and Lawyers …

I am not sure if I am alone on this (I wouldn’t assume I was), but when your profession is depicted on television or in movies … does it get you riled up at all the inconsistencies?

Like, I can not watch Law & Order. I spend the entire episode prostrating on the couch waving a fist at the tv and demanding the alleged criminals ask for a warrant before they let the cops into their house. In fact, the entire of the police force appears to be unaware of civil rights … except when there is an episode on civil rights. It drives me absolutely bonkers.

Same with the others, even the ones I watch semi-regularly – like Castle, Golden Boy, Grimm, Blue Bloods, and others. It’s enough to make one foam at the mouth.

And I get it – I know it’s not sexy to play by civil rules – who wants to watch the cop get rejected at the door of a perp’s house due to a lack of a warrant? (Asides from me, I mean) And who wants to watch a slow investigation that would take longer than 38 minutes to sum up?

No – we want the aggressive cops with the hearts of gold that sometimes may step over that line of civil rights for the greater good. Maybe it’s the superheroes that permeate our culture, but this quasi-vigilantism and ignorance of civil rights goads me.

And then there is The Good Wife.

Oh, how I love this show. How I look forward to it every weekend. With episodes ripped from the headlines, and a stubborn refusal to compromise – I love it. They object at the right times in court! They do! DO you understand how rare that is? How on all those other shows you have one attorney lead the witness and the other attorney forget to object? Or have one attorney ask a question that obviously calls for speculation but nothing happens, no one says anything?

It boils my blood.

Which is why The Good Wife, with all its objections, recognition of civil rights, lead women in prominent roles and smart storylines with excellent dialogue – this is why it’s at the top of my list of things to watch – the only television show on the list that is not Canadian or supernatural/sci fi.

Anyone else have similar rants? Do cops who watch police procedurals shudder? Do nurses who watch medical dramas role their eyes and laugh? Do teachers watch Glee and just decide to quit?

Let me know!

Rant, Over.




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