8 Sentence Sunday – 04.21.2013

Hey All!

I have decided to participate in 8 Sentence Sundays over at the Weekend Writing Warriors!

What you do to participate is take 8 lines from your story, be it complete or work-in-progress, and post them on your blog, FB, whatever – and then link back to the site!

I am now deeply invested into this work in progress, and we now have our maine character, Gena, entering the grounds of her family estate, after midnight, and tooling her little car towards the entrance, aware of someone’s eyes on her …

Here’s mine – now show me yours!


The chill of the night air pulled at her and she turned in a full circle, trying to grab everything around her, hoping if she willed it, it would disappear and be replaced with the home she remembered. But no matter the pressure of her lips as she pressed them together or the thin nails she dug into her palms, this strange picture continued.


A prickling on her skull latched onto her and Gena had the terrible preoccupation that someone … or something, was watching her.


She turned back towards the drive, eyes wide and mouth open and ready to scream.


The darkness loomed in front of her, inky and cloudy, the mild light from the windows of the first floor ceasing abruptly beyond the carport. Gena strained her eyes towards the blackness, trying hard to find the source of discomfort. Her imagination sprung up with images of coiled tendrils and sharp teeth, a multitude of monsters that had tortured her childhood nightmares.


What was out there?

What do you think, guys? Is something in the darkness waiting to jump out at her, or is it just the overactive imagination of a woman who is about to confront demons she’d long repressed?

Check out this week’s post for more!

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to reading your 8!




3 thoughts on “8 Sentence Sunday – 04.21.2013

  1. As always I just LOVE the descriptions the way you really make me visualize surroundings and set up character emotion!

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