Pssst … It’s a special kind of day tomorrow …

Tomorrow is April the 15th – the ides of April, if you will.

It is also my Birthday.

Bday Flowers - arranged 1

Bday flowers from the Boyfriend.

Also, Leonardo daVinci’s birthday, the day the Titanic sunk, the day insulin was discovered, and the day the love of my life was born, too.

That’s right. The Boyfriend and I share a birthday.

And a birth City … but I digress.

Midnight bday celebration for 2-6

Midnight bday celebration for 2-6

Last year was the first year we spent our birthday at our home. But he was in exams and I was working late, and so here we are, a year later, and finally getting to actually celebrate. Bring on the cake and the wine!

So I made a cake. My inspiration was from this blog post here – though I used a different recipe for everything but the chocolate topping – it was all about that great picture! How could I pass on trying that out myself? So I did. Also, I discovered a terrible lack of cherries at the grocer’s today. Something that ought to be fixed, Longo’s …

Yummy ...

Yummy …

I am a birthday person – I love celebrating, love the cake, love balloons and friends and family and ribbons … even getting older hasn’t hit me negatively yet (then again, people often mistake me for the younger of my sisters … and I am 6 years older …). The Boyfriend would rather forget his birthday existed. Not that I ever let him … I can be cruel like that sometimes.

Okay, most of the time.

But every year, I make some sort of token for the day – a cupcake, a cake, a stupid story about a purple werewolf tucked into a card – whatever. Something to remember that particular birthday. We’ve celebrated 9 so far together, and this will be our tenth – so I figured a double-decker chocolate cake was in order.

A bit messy, but it adds to the charm

A bit messy, but it adds to the charm

Here’s to 27, dear. And to 27 more!




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