8 Sentence Sunday – 04.14.2013

Hey All!

I have decided to participate in 8 Sentence Sundays over at the Weekend Writing Warriors!

What you do to participate is take 8 lines from your story, be it complete or work-in-progress, and post them on your blog, FB, whatever – and then link back to the site!

Continuing to set the atmosphere of my Work in Progress, I have my character Gena, who we saw analyze a creepy painting in the foyer of her ancestral home last week, driving into the town she grew up in, but has not seen in the last ten years. Tell me if you enjoy it! 🙂

Here’s mine – now show me yours!

She swallowed, a rise of panic knotting in her throat as she pointed the car towards the sudden darkness of the road, the street lamps that lined the highway giving way to a barren road covered in a dark grey that seemed painted onto the landscape. She tried to focus on the road that stretched before her, but instead, she found her eyes roaming from one side of the road to the other, as if the furtive glances would yield the world hidden under the obvious one she traversed.

She passed the old barn, where the teenagers in town would camp out to drink and laugh into the night. It was not as she remembered it, the grey paint so eroded that even through the gloom she could see the silvery brown wooden planks that made up the structure. The field itself was run over by grasses and small trees, the land fallow and wild. She imagined the type of teenagers that would still go to sit under the stars, but the memories that threatened to swallow her were too much and her foot pressed onto the accelerator unconsciously.

The road was slippery and dark, the headlights of her small car cutting through the gloom to highlight the weeds on either side of the winding county road. The light made the nature look colourless and macabre, as if photographed with a flash too strong, stealing the soul of the object it wished to capture.

Check out this week’s post for more!




8 thoughts on “8 Sentence Sunday – 04.14.2013

  1. I love the setting and gothic atmosphere here! It gave me shivers and got me fired up to see what happens next! Great 8!

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