8 Sentence Sunday – 04.07.2014

Hey All!

I have decided to participate in 8 Sentence Sundays over at the Weekend Writing Warriors!

What you do to participate is take 8 lines from your story, be it complete or work-in-progress, and post them on your blog, FB, whatever – and then link back to the site!

Here’s mine – now show me yours!

Entering the front foyer, Gena glanced up at the painted portrait her aunt had hung prominently in the space between the parlour room door and the open entryway to the dining room.

It was an eerie painting, all dark blues and ochre colours to the brightness of the inside of the house. In it, a woman stood proud and tall, her feet sunk into a marsh, her arms surrounding an orb of green glowing light she held to her breasts. Dark, wild hair hung to her waist and the woman’s dark eyes stared out authoritatively from the canvas. As a child, Gena had always imagined a resemblance to the woman – all their family members being rounder of face and dark haired, but now the painting and its occupant chilled her.

“The things you must have seen,” Gena whispered.

Something in the way the unnamed woman’s dark eyes stared out in defiance of the painter reminded Gena of how the hairs on the back of her head had reacted when she had stepped out of the car that night. She felt an irrational urge to turn the painting so it faced the wall instead of her, and forced it to pass.

Check out this week’s post for more!




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