The Eccentrics: Holidays and the Family Dynamic

Happy Easter everyone!

My version of a bunny cake pop

For me, the Athiest, this means spring, flowers, chocolate and family.

For me, the daughter, it means getting yelled at by my mother that I am in her way because I have erroneously occupied 1/40th of the kitchen space that she meant to use, regardless of the fact that she told me to stand there and chop mushrooms.

Ah, family holidays.

My family is Catholic only in the fact that we get together for Christmas, Easter and various Baptisms/Confirmations throughout the year, and go to Church only when my Mother guarantees (re: Bribes) that there will be something like Swiss Chalet at the end of it.



For us, the non-devout Easter observers, Easter and other such religious holidays are first and foremost, a family celebration where my Mother gathers everyone together – grandparents, kids, assorted other familial peeps – spends a full day in the kitchen while glaring at anyone who asks such questions as “Are we out of milk?” or “Do you need any help?”, then lays out a meal that could feed thousands, and makes my father hide Easter eggs for all us “kids” (re: anyone under the age of 50).

Ah, I love the holidays.

Perfect end to an Easter Lunch ... Natas icecream and coffee

Perfect end to an Easter Lunch … Natas icecream and coffee


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