My Sunday.

And this is my Sunday …

Whenever cut flowers are on sale, I rejoice!

Woke up & decided today we’d try Banana Blueberry Pancakes .. yummy …

Banana Blueberry Pancakes

I make the batter; Boyfriend flips ’em

Then got dressed an ran off to watch some of this …

2013-03-17 13.02.08

Go Raptors!!!

And this guy too …

2013-03-17 13.01.55

They lost, but still – Go Raptors!

Got home, made some fries and thin pizza, then settled down for some …

You can't see it, but that's John Nobel's Dark Matters!!!

You can’t see it, but that’s John Nobel’s Dark Matters!!!

While baking some …

Homade Pop Tarts, take 1 - Mar 17 2013, 1

Homemade Pop Tarts

And then some …

2013-03-17 20.50.58

Chocolate donuts with sprinkles!

Happy Sunday guys! 🙂



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