Organizing the New Blog

Hello everyone!

I am no stranger to blogs – I had two previously, one for the review of books and another for the writing of them. And I loved the interact with readers and other bloggers and FB friends on what I posted. But I never got the hang of a theme, really.

And so, this time around, on a new type of blog – I think I am going to start it off by having categories of things (like labels) that will be features all month long, that point out my interests in this blog. I am starting out with ten broad subjects of which I like to talk about. They are:

My Book Fort

(1) Book Reviews. Tentatively titled The Crooked Bookshelf, reminiscent of my old blog. In this I intend to write book reviews – I read extensively and love to share. I don’t limit myself to any one genre, so I can get a bit crazy, and I don’t limit myself to any particular format – “real” books, e-books or audiobooks – all good for me. I will try and make this a weekly colomn, and add tidbits about books I have read in the past, as well – for example, write one week about the novel Jane Eyre, though I first read it in grade 9, and have since probably read it a dozen more times.

clippart - from the earth

No, I don’t always eat this healthy …

(2) Cooking/Baking. Tentatively The Yellow Kitchen. Yes, my kitchen is yellow. Sunny Yellow, to be specific. I like to bake – I grew up in the kitchen, next to my mother, so I learned fast and enjoy it. I don’t think I am at the level of some people on the blogosphere, with their extensive recipes and such, but I make a hash of it. Again, I try not to limit myself – except … I don’t eat red meat. The Partner does, so I do partake in making red meat occassionally, but in general,I stay away.

Bussiness Card - Clipart - Writer - typewriter

(3) Writing. Tentatively The Gilded Ink Pot. Yes, I know, enough with the names! But as you probably surmised – I love to write. I have been writing stories and such for as long as I remember. Usually long rambling things, but lately more concise shorter stories. This is the column where I intend to post on inspirations, ask for help in reviewing my own work and in general keep the world appraised of my luck in making a has of writing.

(4) Law. Probably going to be called Bar Tales (ha ha, I know, I am hilarious with the puns …). I studied law in Canada and the US, and there is one thing that I noticed about laws everywhere – they can be infuriating, baffling and hilarious. And in this column I will explore them all …

2012-07-06 07.30.25

(5) Homey Things. Funnily enough, to be called The Crowded Condo, because … I have a crowded condo. That is increasingly getting more crowded because I am a little bit of a pack rat … But anyway, this will be a catalogue of everything Homey: what I want the rooms in my condo to look like, what I wish I could do to certain walls in the condo, etc. Like those home décor blogs I always run into when Googling things like “Butcher Block – easy install” and “If my walls are yellow – what colours go with cabinets?”.

(6) Movies/TV. I am a huge consumer of all things fictional. So my column Reeled Frenzy, will explore all things video – from documentaries that made me think on TVO, to dramas that get into my blood and movies that have me punching the air in frustration. Like remakes/reboots/reimaginings … sigh.

(7) Pinterest. This will be called The Challenge – and it will essentially be me trying to mimic some awesomeness that was pinned on Pinterest. Wish me luck …

(8) Family. I have a huge family, with a close assortment of friends that I also consider family. The only thing they all have in common is that they’re crazy … so this column, which will chronicle the craziness, will be called The Eccentrics, and as my Mother has already told me – I am not to publish it … though I will. I be a rebel.

(9) Other Blogs. I find continuous inspiration in other blogs, and this column will explore that – with links and maybe even interviews! – so that everyone else can be inspired too! I think that the development of a blogging community is a wonderful way to broaden my own experiences and my circle of friends. This has no real title yet, though I am toying with Blogosphere Calling, what do you all think?

And finally,

(10) Everything else. Called Under the Sun, will chronicle anything else that crosses my mind.

Books and cupcakes

To add to this I intend to have lots of pictures and questions – so feel free to hang out a while!






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