Twinkling lights and snowfall

Hello world.

As I enter 2013, I have realized that I have a massive To Do list – writing this blog being one spoke on that huge wheel of things I promised to pick up or accomplish or experiment with.

I am still struggling to find a setting for it, though.

I know I want to review the books I read, and talk about the books I write. I know I want to talk DiY and recipes I like. I want to post about things dear to my heart – like feminism and history. And I want to have a space where I can learn about the design and flow of the internet in a way that is completely different from other social media.

I like the idea of a blog, and for a while there,  I was really into posting daily. Then my computer blew up and so for the last year, I have been off of that road.

But I feel it calling to me, and I want to pick it up again – mostly because I have always been a writer, and this is a writing-like way I can express myself.

Which brings me to this: Inspiration.

2012-11-29 09.47.13

The last few weeks have been all about Christmas for us around here. My partner and I are definitely not religious – he was raised a mix of protestantisms and I was raised Roman Catholic with a healthy dose of Jewish ancestry lessons. But by the time I was ten, I knew religion wasn’t for me. The culturally Catholic things my family did though – the dinners on Christmas Eve and the easter egg hunting, and other such fun things – that I do like. I like the familial roots of spirtualism, and I respect that part of my upbringing. My parents were never crazy about making my sisters and I religious, and so I guess I am grateful for that too. As it is, because of the healthy skepticism, I feel fine keeping the secular parts of the holiday and ditching the religious aspects.

Basically, no church for me on Christmas Eve, but Santa definitely shows up.

That being the case, the past few weeks have been about a few things: Baking, Decorating and Family. And now snow too. This is why I love this time of year. I love the smell of vanilla and chocolate and the sounds of instrumental Xmas music. I love that my family is together and yelling and laughing and sharing meals. And I love that the whole world is lit up and beautiful, even in the dead of winter.

It is a beautiful time of year.


Which brings me back to inspiration.

My friend Smithy has gotten me into this writing thing … I need to finish a romantic short story for a March 1 deadline to submit it to a publisher looking for Holiday theme shorts. At first, I struggled with it – I just didn’t know how to bring out the Christmas spirit like they do on movies and holiday cards. But as the weeks wore on and the lights really started twinkling, I found myself inspired.

The beauty of the lights, I think, is what gets me. No one can deny just how much the world looks better when it’s lit up.

I hope 2013 brings you many twinkling lights.






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